Wild At Art

Using the animal kingdom and the natural habitat as a basis for artistic exploration is nothing unusual, artists from the Ice Age captured the essence of the woolly mammoth on cave walls, Henri David Rousseau gave us a vivid depiction of the tiger and the jungle, with it’s lush green leaves and of course, Damien Hirst, his animals frozen in time floating in formaldehyde.

Many of the artists in this years trail have made some fabulous pieces inspired by the natural world, from delicate jewellery to wonderfully windy willow sculptures.

Mia Calderisi Phelan’s exploration of forms found in flowers and fauna concludes with exquisitely made jewellery. Techniques used are reticulation, fusion, granulation and various forming techniques.
Jewellery designer and maker, Mia works in both sterling silver and gold. “I believe my fine art background can be seen in my sculptural approach to manipulating precious metals.” Her naturalistic range “is made by gradually building up the piece a layer at a time mixing different textures and shapes.
“I am passionate about traditional jewellery craft and keeping this artistry alive. My work is therefore not mass produced and is carefully handmade, making every piece unique and one off.”

1321xbird range

Juliette Hamilton 3Juliette Hamilton 2


Juliette Hamilton makes sculptures of animal forms, they are truly magnificent, her sculptures will be exhibited at Glastonbury this year, so if you are lucky enough you can see her at Glasto and Heatons Arts Trail!

Formed from different varieties and colours of willow, soaked in water to make it pliable, she weaves and forms what appears to be a huge tangle of willow into a fantastically life like animal.  Flowing organic shapes and the surprising process of intensely investigating a new subject are something she enjoys. Her method of weaving suggests movement, weight and muscle tone producing something beautiful and life-like but with character.
The sculptures, if put outside, are temporary, lasting a few years, and so are somehow more precious and demand more attention. They must be admired as they age and weather and finally disappear altogether.
Each piece is unique and never quite knowing what is gong to happen when they are started makes it all the more exciting.”

Mia and Juliette will be exhibiting at 4 Lynwood Grove

See Juliette demonstrate her craft :- Willow Sculpture Demonstration

HAT 2017

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