Andy Murdoch


“Say hello to my little friends…I make papier-mâché figures of cult and folk heroes…then we photograph them.”

“I wanted a different tree topper this Xmas so I made a King Kong, batting away planes. Then I couldn’t stop making …the spirt of new year, Bowie, El Santo, Monkey magic, dinosaur bridges for my friends son’s model railway. I did some enjoyable workshops. People love my figures on Facebook. I use rolled newspaper rods and shapes to create basic body shapes,, attach them with cocktail sticks, wrap them in masking tape, use kitchen foil for more complicated shapes, cut pop cans to make clothes and accessories. If I’m still laughing, I papier-mâché, gesso, then paint with acrylics. Then I photograph them. My daughter, her mum, Jenny and mum’s husband, Will, make backgrounds and photograph them at their studio. Their Son Tom, helps me do workshops.”