Diane Connell

Bold woodcut prints using black oil based inks based on my personal take on life, using people, places and animals.

I graduated from Central St Martins with a degree in Fine Art (Painting and printmaking). Since then I have used many different mediums to realise my ideas in. For the past six years my focus has been mainly on creating bold, black and white woodcut prints. However, I also paint using the medium of gouache. My subject matter is based on how i view and interpret the world around me, and ranges from people and places to animals and ‘things’ , all work is representational. I have exhibited work through numerous galleries and art fairs in England. The technique of woodcut consists of cutting an image into a flat block of wood with sharp metal tools. The finished block is then covered with ink using a roller, printing paper is then laid on top of the inked up block. Both block and paper are now put into a relief press which is then screwed down tightly to put pressure on the block. In this way the image is transferred to the paper. The areas of the block that have been cut away will remain the colour of the paper, the areas of wood that have been left behind will be covered in ink so they will become the black image.