Dionne Swift

Intrigued by a certain energy in a space or composition – be it an urban or rural landscape,  caught by a block of colour, a particular structure, a subtle shadow, a sense of place or unspoken energy, Dionne creates her inspired pieces.

“Several years ago when I moved into a new studio my work took a particular turn to a more painterly direction.  Since then I’ve focused my time, drawing the landscape then exploring stitch and thread qualities as a drawing medium.  I sew with energy, speed and vitality.  I race and run away with myself losing hours in front of my machine.
I mix colour on the surface of the cloth  – I like to think of it as tactile pointillism : blending thread colours and tones as the stitches entwine.  Often I’ll build up multiple layers of thread giving  a dense matted surface where the cloth has been smothered and stitches command attention.”

I want to offer energetic and intense embroidery that challenges traditional parameters.

Dionne will be exhibiting at:-

Venue 3 – 4 Lynwood Grove, SK4 5DP

H.A.T 2017