Ian Chadwick

An ever-evolving range of kiln-formed glass with a focus on linear pattern producing glass with a kaleidoscopic, op-art effect.

I primarily work in glass although the patterns I design with my glass work I also transfer into textile and paper-based art works.. My work practice involves the deconstruction and reconstruction of pre-formed glass, striped sheets which through the use of diamond abrasive tools heating within a kiln, I produce a sheet of coloured, patterned glass which is then further formed within the kiln to produce vessels and other artworks.. Each piece of work is heated in the kiln at temperatures up to 875 degrees centigrade over several firings. Each piece takes up to three weeks to produce. My work embodies my fascination for pattern-making using geometric principles which appear in nature and the universe and are utilised in the design and construction of religious and spiritual iconography and architecture.. I aim to produce glass work which has an immersive portal effect.