John Hamilton

A figurative artist using characters, backdrops and props to tell stories. My work includes painting, children’s illustration and drawing.

“The use of stories has always been important in my work. Sometimes I illustrate the story directly in my paintings. For other work the story will give me a starting point, which then develops into a series of drawings and ideas. From this other ideas develop and the story starts to become insignificant, creating a new story by the time the painting is complete. The work is very theatrical and often the canvas is the stage.

The characters in my work are liked and disliked in equal measures. Some people want to cuddle and hug them, while others find them sinister and do not feel comfortable with them. Depending on your view of the character, what is happening in the pictures appears differently. This often makes the subject matter ambiguous. I love the idea that one painting can create completely opposite feelings depending on your opinion of  the character. Good/ Bad, Warm/Cold, Loving/sinister, Protective/Threatening.”