Karin Sheldon

Exotic techniques to create a memory in precious metals. Jewellery in silver, golds and platinum.

Karin has long been fascinated by exotic techniques over a career of 40 years.  These methods of working metal have found their way into the creation of jewellery and small silversmithing pieces that spark memories of the Nature Walk, Constellation and GeoAqua.  These collections come from the abiding memories. Nature Walks in the English Countryside using silver and Keum-Bo; this is a technique which allows the fusing of silver and 24ct gold which lends itself to the formation of a ‘picture’. Many of these pieces are unique, many of the earrings don’t actually match.
Constellation, as you might imagine, takes us into outer space.  This is an abiding passion from the days of the Moon landings and old pictures of Nebulae in coffee table books in the 60’s.  Diamonds add a sparkle that is not always immediately obvious.
GeoAqua gives us the Peak District in all it’s glory. Water rushing through the rocks. Forging, blacksmith style, the silver to form Karin’s impression of the water and rock fighting for their path through the rocks.