Mei Yuk Wong

A range of work exploring different ideas and concepts, from personal experiences to social and political issues.

Mei is a visual artist, designer and writer.  Her work ranges from abstract paintings and textiles to installations, sculptures, text pieces and objects. Themes include cultural, social, spiritual, political and feminist issues.

“Examples of my recent work include What The Feminist Theologians Say…, Manchester Cathedral.  Tide Line, St Katherine’s Docks, London. The Match Markers, The People’s History Museum.  Messages…, Ekklesia, Hong Kong and Jun Salon, Manchester.  Where is the Heart of Stockport? & Enchanting Cosmos, Stockpot Art Gallery.  Inspiring Women, Inspiring Inventions, Rainbow Fountain, & The Hong Kong Umbrella Movement, Manchester Metropolitan University.  Women of the Future, Afrofutures, Manchester.  The Nameless Women of the Bible, Stockport
My written works have been selected by various publishers and organisations, including “Caged Birds”, Black Flash Fiction, Commonword.  “A Match’s Monologue”, The People’s History Museum.  A wedding poem, private collection. Noodle Bar, Sweet Mandarin, Manchester.  Arrived, Depart, Bolton Octagon Theatre.  Walking in the Clouds.”