Mitch Canvas

Work exploring the ever changing urban landscape, focussing on colour, texture, pattern and humour.

“I work with my own photographic images of cities, Manchester, Liverpool, New York, Paris Rome and Barcelona to name a few. I use transfer printing to combine imagery together on canvas. My focus has always been colour texture and humour. I look for fun, our world is dominated by sadness and hardship so I am permanently looking for distractions within our surroundings. My art has been described as the ‘art of the everyday’ in that I am attracted to details that people have missed during their frantic commute to work or about their business. We’re often in such a rush to complete our tasks that we forget to look. When we travel abroad we look at cities as a tourist, we look up, down and around but when we are at home we look straight ahead or to our phones so everything is iphone or samsung shaped !! I look for humour, colour and fun.”