Paul Dobraszczyk

Vibrant paintings and collages of patterns and textures inspired by cities across the world and local landscapes.

My work explores responses to places and spaces. It begins with an experience common to us all: visiting a place, whether strolling in a city, walking in the countryside or climbing a mountain. Using a variety of different media – watercolour, chalk, collage – I recreate a sense of place after visits to specific sites. Colour and form function both figuratively and symbolically, seeking to capture both the reality of a place – its distinct objective qualities – and also the power of subjective feelings that are unique to the observer. In my landscape works, colour and form function symbolically to express both emotional and spiritual qualities of a given place: from the geometric ordering of ‘Sunset over Evenes’ (image 1) to the clash of industry and nature in ‘Victor’ (image 2). Stemming from my research and writing about architectural history, I am also concerned with the relationship between the built and the ‘natural’ environment, especially when witnessed in an historical context. Visits to several places have informed specific works, including the cities if Seville and Fez (image 3). Stylistically these works derive much from the art of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky by creating a sense of depth (both literal and symbolic) through the layering of different materials (ink, chalk and watercolour) and by drawing on non-perspectival methods of representation.