Sarah Pink

Sarah creates quirky, colourful ceramic sculptures and porcelain brooches based on humans and animals.

I have been working with clay for over 20 years. My sculptures are constructed by hand giving me the freedom to squeeze and shape the clay without any restrictions. I am fascinated by people and their relationships with each other even more so if they have a pet. I have created family groups based on real people. I start with observations drawn from life which I develop as individual sculptures to be grouped together. To add colour I use slips, oxides and underglazes. I simplify the features of the face and never create a smile that’s not to say my sculptures are serious. There is often a pet incorporated whether in arms or perched on a head. My sculptures are fired up to stoneware with glazed and unglazed areas. I also create smaller porcelain pieces again based on human and animal forms. They range from small teacups involving a pet emerging from the middle. The idea is for the animal to swim in tea or coffee. My porcelain brooches are hand painted faces or animals. I blend these with digital illustrations drawn on an iPad. One of my influences is the artist Claudia Williams. I love her clear, uncomplicated images of people just living their life.