Heatons Arts Trail 2019 – open for applications

Applications are now welcome from artists wishing to take part in Heatons Arts Trail

29-30th June2019.

Apply  online HERE before 31st March.



7th & 8th July 11am – 5pm

Workshops & Demos

This year at Heatons Arts Trail we’ve got an amazing range of workshops: Here’s a list you can click anywhere on the list and the link will take you to our Eventbrite page where you’ll be able to book some workshops, all workshops and demos are not yet listed on there this may be because our events are under construction! (apologies for any inconvenience) and also it may be that there is  another way to book the workshop that you want to take part in e.g. through the artists website check the information below listed to find out moreworkshops01-001

Graham Hyde

Reminiscent of Mid-Century modern paintings, Graham Hydes work would not look out of place in a Heals catalogue. A plethora of shapes and colours, seemingly chaotic with hidden images within.

Graham works in a range of styles drawings, paintings and 3d mobiles



Mei Yuk Wong

Mei is a visual artist, designer and writer.  Her work ranges from abstract paintings and textiles to installations, sculptures, text pieces and objects. Themes include cultural, social, spiritual, political and feminist issues.
“Examples of my recent work include What The Feminist Theologians Say…, Manchester Cathedral.  Tide Line, St Katherine’s Docks, London. The Match Markers, The People’s History Museum.  Messages…, Ekklesia, Hong Kong and Jun Salon, Manchester.  Where is the Heart of Stockport? & Enchanting Cosmos, Stockpot Art Gallery.  Inspiring Women, Inspiring Inventions, Rainbow Fountain, & The Hong Kong Umbrella Movement, Manchester Metropolitan University.  Women of the Future, Afrofutures, Manchester.  The Nameless Women of the Bible, Stockport
My written works have been selected by various publishers and organisations, including “Caged Birds”, Black Flash Fiction, Commonword.  “A Match’s Monologue”, The People’s History Museum.  A wedding poem, private collection. Noodle Bar, Sweet Mandarin, Manchester.  Arrived, Depart, Bolton Octagon Theatre.  Walking in the Clouds.”

Trompe l’oeil effects

You may or may not be an expert on trompe l’oeil effects (French for deceive the eye), an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. This is something that photographic and mixed media artist Ian Vines is a master of.

Ian’s work over the past decade has grown out of an interest in spatial ambiguities, optical distortions, double images, trompe l’oeil effects and all sorts of visual trickery. Earlier photographic collages were based on the vase-head motif, or images of strange rocks, suggestive of human heads. More recently, photographs of buoys, beaches or bridges are often rotated or inverted, resulting in more abstract images. Many of these works feature photographic images and actual objects, creating a dialogue between pictorial space and real space, illusion and reality. Other works use optical devices, such as mirrors and magnifying glasses, to reflect and distort objects, text or images. In a series of playful photographic collages, painted and unpainted copper discs mimic circles painted on a wall, or float across the picture. The intention with all these works is to engage the spectator in the process of looking.

Ian will be exhibiting at venue 13 on the trail:-

55 Marcliff Grove, SK4 2AB



Art, cakes, music, workshops and …a good brew!

1st & 2nd July as part of Heatons Arts Trail

At No. 2
on the trail……
is Belmont House

This ‘jewel’ of a building in the heart of Heaton Norris has opened its doors for the first time this year to the Heaton’s Arts Trail.

30 minute musical interludes on both days

Piano, Piano duets, Flute & Violin Duo, Classical Guitar and Ukulele Band.

All to be sampled with a good cup of tea or coffee and delicious cakes in the ‘pop up’ Tea Shop’

7 artists with an exciting variety of techniques and media will be exhibiting here:-

Textiles – Michelle Barnard
Ceramics – Avril Cairncross
Watercolour Painting – Susan Diskin
Fibre Art – Josephine Gornall
Painting, New Media (video, sound) Installation – Sumaya McIntyre
Painting and Sculpture – Peter Senior
Glass and Sculpture – Nicola Thompson

There will be workshops on both days for anyone aged 14yrs and above. Each workshop lasts 2 hrs. and costs £15.


11am – 1pm
Try 3d & 2d felting with Josephine Gornall, using a variety of colourful wool, silk and other fibres to make a needle felted 3D heart, flower or other creation.
Felting Workshop with Jo Gornall

1.30pm – 3.30 pm

Design and decorate a mirror frame using mosaic tiles, pieces of coloured glass, beads and broken pottery pieces. Mirror, backing board, glass and ceramic pieces, adhesive and cutting tools all supplied, but you can also bring along fragments of glass, pottery and jewellery to add to your design.     Mosaic Mirror Frame Workshop

Mosaic Header Image

What’s not to like!


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